Matt Davis. Craque is exploration in sound. Experimental acoustics come together with electronics, producing textures, beats and alien dimensions.


    Craque builds electro-acoustic instruments for improvisation and performs on vinyl records, percussion, guitar, trumpet, flute, kalimba, and voice.

    Devices include: Pioneer and Mackie mixers, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Dinsync Gilbert, MakeNoise 0-Coast, Korg Volca Drum, Roland TR-08, Moog Werkstatt-01, Arturia MicroBrute, Doepfer & SDIY Eurorack modular, Koma Field Kit & FX, a phalanx of pedal loopers & delays.



    3rd March, 2021

    These pandemic songs start life as free improvisations, they speak the raw language of human adaptation. Where we continuously build common ground as we join and choreograph our indeterminate world. Like the music, variability in response describes how to face the challenge: the ways we frame and flex, the ways we dream, the ways our present shimmers through bodies without organs twinkling ahead.

    This is a life raft. Its pieces floating, meandering forward, shot in places where holes reveal the crystal patient sky. The time afraid sits algae-like across a string of lingering consciousness, emergent and shifting tiles of mirrored clouds ripple behind until we drift safe.

    Its title speaks techniques, of approaching extemporaneous composition, of novel sonic departures mixed to breathe and beat forever. Written for friends that learn from incidents who lifted me up to gasp at stars among the crushing waves, dedicated to those we lost who walk the western lands.


    Igloo Magazine

    Some kind of primordial, drone drifting smorgasbord of synthesizers bleep and click their way through the dust as Craque displays a semblance of (dis)order on the Adapta EP for the ever dependable TruthTable.

    Crafting hypnotic loops, drones, and strange soundscapes on the fringes of atmospheric and downtempo, to lounge-techno slivers (ref. “Cubed”), Adapta packs a punch. Elsewhere you’ll find tangled minimal synthscapes on tracks like “Gone Grounding” where curious melodic notes and pitter-patter beats float on the horizon like a dream we cannot escape while Nkurence remixes the same track with post-industrial punctuation and layers of stretched dystopian soundtracks. “Demik Ghost,” perhaps the (darkest) highlight of this four pack, takes a downtempo foray through familiar terrain, its laid back rhythm and ultra chilled groove stands out as a summation of the above-mentioned notes. A standout extended player that merits repeated listening to fully consume.

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