Tulpa is created by Anna Martinova, a Latvia born dutch resident and electronic music composer. Tulpa audio stories are night-dance oriented psychedelic techno improvisations. Tulpa has released minimal improvisations (Tulpa - Raw) on Detroit Underground (USA).

    Anna is Kyma Pacarana community member and released 2 Sample banks she created in Pacarana: Kyma Inspirations Era 1 and 2. She performs in clubs and venues all over the world both as Tulpa and Dusha (where she performs with her voice). She has toured Mexico and Japan in addition to performances at the far distant Chill Out Planet Festival (Russia), Parvati Peaking Festival (India), Modem Festival (Croatia), Drops Festival (Slovenia), Solstice Festival (The Netherlands).

    The personal record of Martinova so far is 8 hours DJ set and 4 hours through live Modular improvisation.

    Martinova discovered modular synthesis when she started to perform live. In 2017 Martinova established the Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School initiative that functions as a synthesis school and a platform for Sonic exploration in Amsterdam. The project is supported by the modular community and organises workshops, performances as well as running a school curriculum promoting sound synthesis.


    Hardware: Various from a complex modular system.

    Upcoming Releases

    Checks Cashed

    15th April, 2020

    Checks Cashed is played live with modular synthesis system. It is a dark progressive trance-like experience; a reflection of the coming tide of resistance. Minimal techno orientated, the album is an experimental format, modular audio search. Name of the album came out of its cover.

    The photo is a historical event of Vietnam veterans being on strike, ca. 1970.

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