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Awake / Asleep

Itai, TT004

22nd May, 2019

Awake / Asleep attempts to find that elusive place between wakefulness and sleep. As the first song fades into a crescendo, the sound seems to fill the room with thick frequencies, that are as organic…


Talipes Valgus, TT003

20th April, 2019

Sly provides a soft pulsating glow and naive young spirit mood, it builds into a thunderous theme full of the beauty of natural phenomena and fever. As it progresses tender synth keys emerge and the…

A Marshmallow Called Moon

Young Girl, TT002

13th March, 2019

A Marshmallow Called Moon is the new album, mining the sweet natured side of acid and glitch* (you might think of the Richard D James Album) - colourful, spacefaring hooks abound. The process of…

Music Needs No Heroes

Aleksandr Tresorg, TT001

5th February, 2019

“This album is a collection of compositions written over the span of four years, two continents and life changing events. There were many iterations on some tracks influenced by other projects that I…

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