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    Matthias Grübel,TT022

    30th April, 2021

    Matthias Grübel releases Futuro, an EP of flexible electronics and human emotion. A driving rhythmic collection set against a futuristic horizon that could tear your heart apart.

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    Waterfalls [feat. Felix Räuber]

    Matthias Grübel,TT021

    16th April, 2021

    The single ‘Waterfalls’ offers the emotive vocals of former Polarkreis 18 frontman, Felix Räuber set against a backdrop of heavy electronica to produce a deeply charged offering - a cascading beauty.

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    3rd March, 2021

    These pandemic songs start life as free improvisations, they speak the raw language of human adaptation. Where we continuously build common ground as we join and choreograph our indeterminate world.

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    Chirping Away


    13th January, 2021

    Chirping Away, the newest endeavour by Strangebird~Sounds, traverses across solitude and dreamscape spheres in a timeless adventure; from soaring background audials to synth-sound on clouds, Chirping Away opens up the atmospheric vast to ascend the great unwind.

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