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    Life Detection System


    15th November, 2019

    “Every time I ‘m working in the studio I am alone in a space. This impacts on the sounds and sequences I create. With progress I always notice the point when music and the sound system start to…

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    Edith Alonso,TT006

    25th September, 2019

    The Greek word Χώρα (Khôra) with a lot of philosophical meanings is one of the inspirations ofthis work. Khôra could mean a « no man’s land » and it would also be like a receptacle, a space, a place…

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    18th June, 2019

    “Icer is brings together a collection of works derived from my sound experiments with eurorack modules, developing each one into a coherent narrative. It’s an organic way of working sounds, pulses…

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    Awake / Asleep


    22nd May, 2019

    Awake / Asleep attempts to find that elusive place between wakefulness and sleep. As the first song fades into a crescendo, the sound seems to fill the room with thick frequencies, that are as organic…

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