Aleksandr Tresorg


    Aleksandr was brought up in a classical musical environment, professionally learning to play the violin and piano at an early age. Having produced music for theatres, installations, performance and film, his creations always included a cinematic touch. While working as a software developer, his curiosity was piqued exploring generative composition and signal processing. His Live Sets are a deep dive into his musical creations, always accompanied by video synthesis. Aleksandr writes programs and music.


    Analogue gear: Analog Four, MFB-522, Analog Heat, Microbrute.

    Digital Gear: Octotrack, Ableton Live.


    Music Needs No Heroes

    5th February, 2019

    “This album is a collection of compositions written over the span of four years, two continents and life changing events. There were many iterations on some tracks influenced by other projects that I have going on. My style keeps changing, I think that is something worth showing. There is a mixed technique involved. Some compositions were recorded live, others punched into sequencers and there is also some generative MIDI composition involved. Initial process is the most interesting to me, I know what I want to do moments after listening to a looping sample, tweaking knobs or dabbing some chords on an old micro tuned piano.”



    “A surreal glimpse into processed and eroded electrical substructures and experimental mood shifts.”

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    THE MUSIC ESSENTIALS : Feb 17, 2019

    Aleksandr Tresorg talks to THE MUSIC ESSENTIALS about His Album 'Music Needs No Heroes'. Solid electronic music and acoustic experimental manipulations from Moscow born musician Aleksandr Tresorg kicks off the releases for TruthTable, a new UK music label focusing on real analogue electronic music, beats and modular excursions.

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