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    Spherical Harmonics

    Joseph Hyde, TT024

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    Just Passengers

    Strangebird~Sounds, TT023

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    Matthias Grübel, TT022

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    TT024 : Joseph Hyde - Spherical Harmonics

    3rd November, 2021

    Spherical Harmonics reflects a love of early electronic music, when every sound and every instrument had to be built by hand, and artists were pioneers exploring new territory with no map.

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    TT023 : Strangebird~Sounds - Just Passengers

    8th September, 2021

    Strangebird~Sounds launches into flight to bring us a wonderful journey unchartered landscapes, dreamscape spheres and a timeless adventure.

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    TT022 : Matthias Grübel - Futuro

    30th April, 2021

    Matthias Grübel releases Futuro, an EP of flexible electronics and human emotion. A driving rhythmic collection set against a futuristic horizon that could tear your heart apart.

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    Welcome To TruthTable

    Welcome to TruthTable - a label passionate about delivering quality electronic music, beats, glitch, dance and modular long players. We seek out the warmth of real analogue electronics and the unique relationship and capability each artist has to create something wonderful.

    TruthTables are logic circuits found within analogue synths and drum machines that manage the control inputs - see ROLAND TR-808 service notes for an example.

    You can read more about the label and its background @ PRESS KIT

    Listen To TruthTable


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