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    Bunker 3, TT026

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    Bunker 3, TT025

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    Spherical Harmonics

    Joseph Hyde, TT024

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    TT026 : Bunker 3 - EP2

    22nd August, 2023

    From a studio in a deserted building behind The Forum, Sheffield. Andrew, David & Jules composed music within a stone's throw from FON Records, a shop that became the first WARP Records store. FON stood for Fuck Off Nazis and Sheffield stood for its own unique style of techno. Bunker Studios consisted of a massive old mixing desk, Yamaha monitors, a handful of Korg and Roland outboard synths and drum machines, and an Akai S3000.

    EP2 is a collection of tracks at this magical time by three 20 year old electronic music fanatics who had been plugged into LFO, Forgemasters, Cabaret Voltaire, Mr Fingers and Detroit's pioneers of the electronic groove.

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    TT025 : Bunker 3 - EP1

    23rd June, 2023

    Jules Hyam, David Newman, and Andrew Odia were three students who met at Sheffield University in 1988. It's here that Jules manned the studio as engineer for a variety of projects. The three collaborated on the 5-tracker Space Disco EP on Andrew's Byo-Jo Recordings (BYO1) in 1993. A hit at FatCat Records at the time, it went on to become a collector's item, was reissued (and sold out) on vinyl on La Bella Di Notte in 2020. EP1 is the first of two EPs showcasing remaining tracks from that early '90s Bunker studios era (EP2 to follow).

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    TT024 : Joseph Hyde - Spherical Harmonics

    3rd November, 2021

    Spherical Harmonics reflects a love of early electronic music, when every sound and every instrument had to be built by hand, and artists were pioneers exploring new territory with no map.

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    Welcome To TruthTable

    Welcome to TruthTable - a label passionate about delivering quality electronic music, beats, glitch, dance and modular long players. We seek out the warmth of real analogue electronics and the unique relationship and capability each artist has to create something wonderful.

    TruthTables are logic circuits found within analogue synths and drum machines that manage the control inputs - see ROLAND TR-808 service notes for an example.

    You can read more about the label and its background @ PRESS KIT

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