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    Ndr0n, TT010


    Matthias Grübel, TT009

    Dark Roads for the Young Magus

    Cathode Ray Tube, TT008

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    TT010 : Ndr0n - Black

    18th March, 2020

    Black is the result of a month’s long exploration into minimalism, texture and sound. The EP was composed while the artist was living in South East London…

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    TT009 : Matthias Grübel - Atlantika

    22nd February, 2020

    Taken from the forthcoming EP‚ ‘Matters Of Stability’, the hard-hitting but melancholic ‘Atlantika’ combines gritty multi-layered synths, blurry ambience noises…

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    TT008 : Cathode Ray Tube - Dark Roads for the Young Magus

    22nd January, 2020

    “To me, DARK ROADS FOR THE YOUNG MAGUS is an album of nine sonic rituals, like unspoken incantations. It is a glimpse at one person’s personal journey through a wounded landscape both internal and…

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    Welcome To TruthTable

    Welcome to TruthTable - a label passionate about delivering quality electronic music, beats, glitch, dance and modular long players. We seek out the warmth of real analogue electronics and the unique relationship and capability each artist has to create something wonderful.

    TruthTables are logic circuits found within analogue synths and drum machines that manage the control inputs - see ROLAND TR-808 service notes for an example.

    You can read more about the label and its background @ PRESS KIT

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    Upcoming Releases

    TT011 : Tulpa - Checks Cashed

    15th April, 2020

    Checks Cashed is played live with modular synthesis system. It is a dark progressive trance-like experience a reflection of the coming tide of resistance...

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    TT012 : Matthias Grübel - Matters Of Stability

    16th May, 2020

    Matthias Grübel’s latest EP demonstrates the vision and quality of an artist capable of occupying more than one musical world...

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