Joseph Hyde


    Joseph Hyde has worked in various cities in the UK and Europe, but now resides in rural Somerset. His early career was in experimental electroacoustic music, working with Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre. In the 2000s he moved into more interdisciplinary work, making large scale audiovisual performance and installation works, under his own name and with groups such as London collective body>data>space. He also produced many dance scores for world-leading companies such as Rambert Dance and Netherlands Dance Theatre.

    His most recent work has been with scientists, producing sonifications of scientific data as part of pioneering work in quantum simulations. Spherical Harmonics represents a process of lockdown soul-searching and a return to musical roots; a personal expression of the music he wants to make and hear removed from the usual external pressures.


    Hardware: modular and home-built synths, guitar pedals, Presonus ACP88 8-channel compressor, Soundcraft LX7ii 24 channel mixer, JoeCo BBR1B 24 track recorder.

    Software: Max/MSP, Ableton Live (for mixing and mastering only).


    Spherical Harmonics

    3rd November, 2021

    Spherical Harmonics reflects a love of early electronic music, when every sound and every instrument had to be built by hand, and artists were pioneers exploring new territory with no map.

    Composer, sound and media artist Joseph Hyde has been fascinated by this music since childhood, with early influences being TV soundtracks from the radiophonic workshop and the more cosmic and psychedelic records in his parent's vinyl collection. This music always seemed otherworldly, alien and futuristic. For this album he wanted to seek out these qualities and attempt his own journey into the sonic unknown.

    With this in mind he has developed a unique sound world based around self-built analogue synthesizers and home-made software. This means there are no preset sounds, standardised rhythmic grids or even musical scales - everything was built from the ground up and based around simple mathematical ratios rather than traditional music theory. The result is a series of tone poems evoking imaginary landscapes, arranged as a journey into outer reaches and inner depths...


    Record Crates United

    Joseph Hyde pays loving tribute to the pioneers of early electronic music on his vastly cosmic Spherical Harmonics.

    Hyde, an experimental composer, utilizes an array of synthesizers to create a swirling hallucinogenic soundscape that evokes everything from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to kosmische bands like Cluster and Neu! and even early 90s techno artists like The Future Sound of London.

    This is a psychedelically-minded album that genuinely transports you into a cosmic state, largely thanks to its swirling 360° effects and mixing.

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