Ndr0n is an audio-visual project, designed by Afonso Proenca, from Lisbon, Portugal. Influenced by the London underground rave scene, after studying in London for 4 years, ndr0n is a portrait of the synthetic emotion experienced in urban living. The aesthetic emerges from the mechanical routines present in modern society, alluding to a dark reality where meaning is fabricated and behaviour is scripted. Inspired by concepts such as TransHumanism and Technological Singularity, the artist attempts to sonify the personification of self-conscious machines..


SOFTWARE: Ableton Live, Ableton Operator, Ableton Wavetable, Max/Msp.

HARDWARE: Make Noise Erbe-Verb, Mutable Instruments Rings, X1L3 Shard, Orthogonal Devices ER-301.



18th March, 2020

Black is the result of a month’s long exploration into minimalism, texture and sound. The EP was composed while the artist was living in South East London.

Through generative and algorithmic techniques, compositions emerge that defy personal preconceptions of rhythm and melody. By recording and sequencing these moments, Black is an attempt to humanize these mathematical processes.

A mixture of analogue and digital sound sources, the artist utilizes the best of both worlds when looking for its sonic identity.


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