Playing the modular synth is intuitive, immediate, hands on, and enables the connection of all things to everything. This is the kind of freedom Greg seeks when making music.


    VCO’s: Make Noise STO’s. ALM Akemi’s Taiko. Mutable Instruments Rings and Plaits. Noise Engineering BIA.

    FX: Strymon Magneto. Make Noise Mimeophone. Mutable instruments Clouds. Zvex Lofi Junky. Soma Lyra 8. Eventide Space.

    Others: Instruo Arbhar and Lubadh. Make Noise Morphagene. Rossum Electro Panharmonium.


    Just Passengers

    8th September, 2021

    Strangebird~Sounds launches into flight to bring us a wonderful journey unchartered landscapes, dreamscape spheres and a timeless adventure. Atmospheric elements soar across electronic countryside bring melody, rhythmic pose and contrast to play against a backdrop of cloud blown synth-sounds.

    Tracks by Strangebird~Sounds hatch their beginnings from experiment building melody and texture and exquisite sound design. Modular synth systems are put to work contextualising shape and form. Themes become maps and the journey starts.

    Strangebird~Sounds collects his life experience through audio. Field recordings feature from his many walks through cities, towns and countryside. Ambient microsound combines with pure analogue electronics to support a complete listening experience taking in and combining elements and views.

    Chirping Away

    13th January, 2021

    Tracks by Strangebird hatch their beginnings from experiment and simple melody. The modular synth systems are a great way to nestle out shape and form, from where sounds can grow and expand.

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