TruthTable Press Kit

    Why We Are Here : In Our Own Words

    In an age where software can write your music with minimal input from the human creator it is important to hold onto the old arts. TruthTable is about plugs, wires, midi cables and mixing desks channelling inputs from analogue electronic instruments. TruthTable is about real hardware synths, drum machines and modular networks – electricity and circuits being brought expertly together by the artist who lives and creates with their machines. In this environment software is a facilitator not a driver of the process. A truth-table is a logic circuit – a binary decision tree supporting the analogue machine to understand the parameters of off and on signals and what output emerges. However, it is the human individual playing and programming the sounds that makes conscious decisions about what happens when – people and their head, hands and ears are the main decision makers.

    Proudly based in Sheffield, UK TruthTable is setting out to release artists from all over the world. An outlet to push the community forward with a vigorously strong sound. The focus is on electronic music, beats and modular excursions. A menu of higher impact 808, 303 and SH101 sounds interspersed with come down trips of modular set ups. Our artists are experts in their machine whether that be school of Moog, Roland, Korg or Oberheim or the modern modular classics – Make Noise, Mutable Instruments & Instruo. These are the machines with our hands we sculpt infectious and hypnotic rhythms and melodies.

    TruthTable is run by David Newman who also curates the exploratory electronic label Audiobulb Records. “I’ve been active in the electronic music scene since 1999,” David says – now a seasoned professional within the community. “At first, I started off as an artist and then a label head, curator and promoter. This soon expanded and now I distribute other labels, I have a track record of obtaining placements on some of the big Spotify playlists and licensing music to global companies such as Mercedes or LG via the Audiomoves library.” TruthTable is a chance to get back to my roots – Sheffield has a rich heritage of great electronic music from Warp records, Black Dog, LFO and Cabaret Voltaire housed within the original FON (Fuck off Nazi’s) record store to the modern day surge from Central Processing Unit and the all-night extravagances of Hope Works and the No Bounds festival.

    Sheffield is the ideal home to promote and support the natural diversity of talent that comes from a global roster. The city is famed for its welcoming culture and commitment to support people from all walks of life professionals, student, the homeless and asylum seekers can all find solace here. TruthTable is not afraid to reach out and welcome both artists and listeners from all corners of the globe, “it’s about developing a platform and representing art forms that need a solid base from which to project their work,” David explains. “It is really important that artists can express themselves and give people a chance to hear and see what they doing and why. TruthTable is about logical choice and freedom, it’s about using my knowledge and connections to make a positive difference and add to the electronic music community.”

    On the 5th February 2019 TruthTable released its debut album produced by the up and coming Russian artist Aleksandr Tresorg. The work entitled “Music Needs No Heroes” bring a dark dub techno pulse interspersed with experimental sounds and dark, catchy grooves that are at times “spaced out and pulsing”. DJ’s and reviewers have noted its footprint – operating in the zone created by Gescom, Machinedrum, Skam and Merck the Tresorg brings broken-beats, vocal bit chopping, and rugged acid-drenched bass undulations alongside roughened ambient sheets, and jaw-dropping hypnotic sequences that are elevated to a higher plateau. It’s a great way to start and set up upcoming releases by Australian artist “Young Girl” whose ‘Dream Glitch Electronic’ stands on the shoulders of Aphex Twin / Squarepusher et al. followed by Russian artist “Talipes Valgus”. Ultimately, we will release any authentic display of analogue sonic quality that deserves the close attention of listeners across the world.

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